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By 1ce_k1d

Legend says that one day, there was a youngster named Steven. Steven was trapped inside a forest, as his friends lost a Pokedoll in there and were too afraid to get it. Steven heard a creaking behind him, to which nothing was there. As he carried on the trail, he got the weirdest sense he was being watched (and not by that snotty kid who plays the universe on his Game Boy mind you). The Pokemon were absent, nothing there to be leaving that unmistakable footstep sound. After an hour, Steven got bored and decided to head back fruitless, when he came across a trail of footprints. Since he was an idiot, he decided to follow it. The more and more he followed, though, the more and more winded it became, to the point of a giant circle of footprints facing inward. A looming shadow crept upon him, when Steven looked up to see......


The gate proceeded to murder Steven by flame thrower, acid, and forcing him to watch a Justin Bieber documentary. No-one has heard from Steven ever since, and rumor has it that very gate lives outside your house.....



As we all know, Pokémon Blue takes place inside a GameBoy game. For the characters themselves, things don't usually seem out of the ordinary.


Occasionally you'll get the more intelligent of the lot, ones who notice just how bizarre the world around them can be. But hey, played in your world, living in theirs—what can they do but roll their eyes and swim with the tide? Sometimes they even get a good laugh out of it.

But the world isn't entirely stable. In addition to people messing around with creation-level powerhouses continents away, there are a couple of reality warpers. That's where our friend Missingno. comes in.

When the programmer got pulled into the game, it was generally his job to keep the world from flying apart. It was a pretty important job, but rather uneventful. Everything would be under control as long as he did his best to smooth over the bugs that would cause weird things to happen in the general world. He grew to enjoy his job so much that he showed off to visitors. Most thought he was a bit odd, assuming he was talking about some other game: a reality game, perhaps. But, again, he hadn't reckoned on the ones who actually saw how crazy the world could be.

Which is why he made the mistake of saying it to the girl who had recently gotten over that very fact. She gave an amused, smug smile and yanked the keyboard from his hands. Before he could stop her, Rare Candies and Master Balls were popping up all over the place. He took it back and scolded her for it, but allowed her to take the results of her little prank and run off.

He went home for the night as usual, so he didn't see his computer flicker back on. Surfing on a search site for directions entered by an unknown force brought up a nice travel brochure for Cinnabar Island. This was the state he found it in the next morning.

Confused, he ran a scan on the world and discovered a buildup of strange activity along the coast, including reports of old men standing on the Gym roof and illusions of overpowered Pokés and ghost trainers lining the beach. As hard as he tried, he couldn't fix it. It seemed to make the world overall even more stable, though, as if some odd piece kept the uneven puzzle together.

He shrugged and went back to his work, continuing to keep things as smooth as possible. As long as no one was crazy enough to perform the random ritual to summon those things, nothing would go wrong.

In the meantime, Missingno. waits on the coast of Cinnabar Island, eager to make more people happy by giving them many gifts. Kinda like a glitched Santa. Just be careful about its cousins.



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